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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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another group standing outside sm. victims were transported here to highland in an ambulance. this innocent bystander is in critical condition. even inside of her home, yolanda can't escape the streets she try froze detective her family from. her teen-aged son was doing home work last night and had just stepped into the bathroom. that is when bullets shot through the window. >> it pierced this cushion, hit the door, and shot through the wall just inches from her son's bed. it came out on the other side where she and her 11-year-old daughter on the couch landing sent meters from the girl's head. she says her daughter was sitting right there. outside of the rash of gunfire n morning light, damage. iron fences shredded, car wind
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yeses broken and six people shot. police say five were intended targets in what is believed to be a gang shooting but there was a 49-year-old unintended target. a man watching tv inside of his house and shot in the back. >> just watching tv. and a bullet came in and struck him. he's in critical condition. and it's a very troubling story there. >> neighbors say they heard as many as 20 rounds. as they can do is throw their children to the floor. >> they walk to and from school every day. ways scared to send them to school. you don't know what is going to happen. >> signs of violence are everywhere. from gang gra feet dwree crime scene tape. another shooting happened just days earlier. >> i know they're killing supposed to be a kill zone. it just be a lot of killers in this area. >> she's ready to move out of the kill zone. this is the tee shirt her husband was wearing nearly a year ago to the day n the
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backyard he, too, was struck by a bullet and survived. she says we told him what good luck he had. luck, but she believes there is more than that working in her family's favor. this is a fort any family. victims are expected to survive. the mayor just two days ago in her address mentioned this area where the shooting took place saying she plans to organize residents there soon as a way too put a stop to this violence. abc 7 news. and san francisco police chief believes his officer koz have avoided shooting a man nay wheelchair if allowed to carry tasers. this shows the shooting yesterday. police say they opened fire after the began stabbed an officer who responded to reports of someone slashing car tires. the chief announced today there will be four separate investigations including one by the district attorney.
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>> in this case i'll continue to evaluate whether we have the right tools in order to deal with the forced. are we providing right train something are protocols to the best they can? -- be? >> but the police commission rejected equipping officer was taisers. if they change their mind the chief says it will take a year before officer koz actually carry tasers on streets. >> there is a 10-year-old girl hit by a cool bus. chp says the girl was talking -- walking in a crosswalk when a bus started to take a left turn and hit her. the girl was taken to the hospital when w.what appear to be minor injuries. >> tenants of one east bay apartment complex say their health is in danger and
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landlord isn't doing enough fro detective them. they're worried about black mold. and abc 7 is live for us tonight. laura? >> hi. well that building inspector did come by these apartments today ordering management company here to fix a glaring hole in the ceiling. but tenants say they're still not enough being done about a larger issue, toxic black mold. >> this is poisonous black mold. you need to have eye protection, mouth protection and hand protection and stuff on the body to walk into our house. >> this tenant issue that had warning before letting a city building inspector in to see this. a collapsed ceiling. this ceiling disintegrated last week. until then, they kept getting sick and he spotted what he thought was mold.
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the landlord told them it was just, quote, wet dirt. and that specialist found high levels of toxic black mold and deemed the apartment unsafe so-to-occupy. >> this is just devastating my son. he has nightmares and wants to go home. >> what is it?. >> a water leak. >> the city building inspector told the owner what needs to be done about it i'm going to call and ask about the leak f they don't do anything, i'll send him a notice. and give them about 10 days to get permits and get it fix ootd inspect jorz it's not his job to identify hold or order this cleaned up. >> i can't believe. >> liz beth live as jaisent to the family and says she's also been sick lately. and wonder yz landlord should haven't to inspect her keeling and loof -- roof, too. >> because i, you know, i am a
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asthmatic. >> the manager here would not comment on tenant request for clean up of the mold problems and supervisors at river stone group did not return numerous calls from abc 7 news. the lombardo's problem is just the latest involving mold here, there are several lawsuits pending over the issue involving as many as 30 tenants. >> thank you, laura. a fewer first brought this story to our attention with a tip to the you reports site. e mail us the you lort at >> arson investigators looking into what caused an early morning house fire in san rafael no. one was living at the home that caught fire. it was being renovated. firefighters arrived and the fire spread to the house next
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door and two people were evacuated from the home. >> and immigration officials delayed deporting a man whose daughter died in a fire. he remains in custody but officials will allow him to attend funeral services in the bay area for his daughter and to meet with social workers about the future of his other daughter who survived the fire. and he was arrested in july when he tried to cross the u.s.-mexico border illegally. >> congress woman jackie spear introduced a national pipeline safety bill. she says damage could have been minimized and possibly prevented in the goal had been enforced requiring installation of shut off valves in areas taking an hour and a half to turn off the manual valves. the bill ro require operators to give first responders
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emergency plans in the event of a pipeline rupture. her bill would require operators to tell residents if they live within 2000 feet of a transmission pipeline. >> and a displaced residents work for repairs, the city of san bruno is holding a meeting to discuss how to spend nearly 400,000s ndz donation goesing into a report that will be presented to the city council. the council will have a final say on how they're spent. this explosion killed eight people, destroying 38 homes. >> hayward police are hoping technology will help them track down a shooter who killed a man. the coroner has identified the victim as a 28-year-old maurice collins. he died in the hospital after being shot in his house last night. again this is in hayward. decks hope surveillance cameras lok indicated in that area will provide clues into his murder.
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>> and 112th congress is now in session with a power shift in the house of representatives. democrat nancy pelosi handed over the gavel to john boehner who becomes the 61 speaker in the history of the house and just the third republican to hold the position since 1955 saying hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th congress. >> no longer can we fall short no. lock longer can we kick the can down the road. the people voted to end business as usual and today we begin to carry out their instructions. >> and as for pelosi she spoke before the congressional black caucus this morning. the san francisco lawmaker told her colleagues democrats will seek common ground but won't back down for more principle autos where we cannot find common ground we
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must stand our ground on behalf of the pledge we take every day. with liberty, and justice for all. and that is it. >> pelosi was snubbed by members of the party. 19 of them rot voted against her today. >> foshs is reporting tonight larry ellison might be interested in bringing hornets to san jose. and now hornets are up for grabs. and the nba wants to sell the franchise. observers feel they can become profitible. if bought the hornets they can join the sharks as tenants at hp pavilion. >> there is a lot of interest in moving a basketball team into san jose. at this point it's just speculation about what he
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might be interested in doing. >> the mayor says he's never had conversations with ellison about bringing the team to his city. lawyers played in san jose during 1996 and 97 season. >> wildlife experts say a loud noise caused massive bird deaths in arkansas. a thousand birds fell out of the sky, scientists say they don't think they're these and said believe the birds were panicked by a loud noise, causing them to slam into the ground. experts in kentucky are trying to figure out what killed hundreds of birds there. red wing black birds and starl starlings were found in the western part of the state. 450 were found dead in louisiana this week. a fishing boat is grounded along a beach tonight but the coast guard says the fuel has been removed this is video and
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crews hope to remove it today and workers waited until low tide this afternoon to remove the sand. it ran aground early tuesday morning after all three crew members fell asleep. oof 120 local commercial fisherman will be splitting a giant sum as a result of the cosco busson oil spill arguing they will pay $3.6 million and 2000 birds died as a result. the hong kong based shipping company was ordered to pay $10 million in penalties earlier. the fishermen are waiting for a court decision on attorneys fee autos coming up they're
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not big winners but several about to get a piece of the $380 million megamillions jackpot. >> and a warning from stanford. a campus assault on a student. >> and i'm sandhya patel. there is a winter night going to be very chilly tonight once again. there is fog, and frost. and by afternoon and there is temperatures coming up. >> and a study linking measles vaccine to autism has been restrakted. restrakted. why the lead researcher was
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[honking] they were having a sale! announcer: the ikea sale. i'm going back for more! announcer: december 26th through january 9th. save up to 60%. ikea. the life improvement store. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. breaking news into the newsroom. this is sky 7. a police chase with speeds up to 80 miles per hour. it ended here at northbound off ramp and one person arrested.
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we don't know why police were chasing this vehicle. but as you can see, a tow and there is a bunch of police cars on the opposite sichld we don't know why they're chasing this person. >> and an unusual assault on stanford campus this week ai. woman walking around 6:30 monday night and a man grabbed her. she bit him and ran away. a lieutenant with stanford department of public safety says they haven't had an tack like in with b.20 years. >> the expect came frup behind and kind of placed her in a hold and attempted to cover her mouth with his hand. at this point what she did was she bit him in the area of the hand that released a grip. >> she then ran to one of the blue towers on campus and got in touch and is now working with a sketch artist. >> a san pablo elementary school has been saved from
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chopping block. it was supposed to begin reassigning students with you bu that changed now. how the community came together to keep that school open. >> all students at lake school elementary were meant to be reassign torjd nearby schools by next year yet another school the west contra costa unified school district was going to close because of the budget deficit. >> we and it costs 300,000ses today operate this school. that is what the district is hoping to save. >> the parents and teacher fought to keep the school open. >> neighborhood schools are a community center. people meet there. it's important for that reason. >> and for two years the city of san pablo used money from the fund to keep school open.
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it was supposed to be a temporary fix. >> we had extra money. now it's not that simple. >> not that simple because san pablo no longer has extra money. still, monday, to everyone's surprise the city council is expected to vote to keep lake elementary open in september. >> what i can say is that five counsel members to saving schools. >> the city council will ask staff members to come up with a plan to funding schools which may include the business community this, is to find money in area was out tapping into the general fund. whit while waiting for the economy to improve. >> and there is no new hotry millionaires in california. two winning tickets for the megamillions was sold in
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washington state and idaho but one ticket offers a consoleation prize this, store sold a ticket that matched five of the six winning numbers and that is worth $209,000. and take a look at the winning numbers, here they are. 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and the megaball is 42. yes. and not a bad prize. >> i'd take it. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast. >> and hopefully you'll take this freeze tonight and then, thaw out tomorrow like we have been. >> i'd rather interest $209 million. >> it's beautiful outside. there is a live picture. and there is a city skyline. there is clear skies tonight. this is why you're going to be
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freezing cold conditions and frost and freezing fog. it's a spare the air for tomorrow. just keep that in mind there. is a live picture and it's nice and clear now and 51 degrees. take a look at temperatures rest of the bay area, there is 50s except around fairfield and livermore. mid to upper 40s right now just setting a stage for another cold frosty morning. there is a dry pattern through monday. and we'll talk about that in just a moment. this afternoon it's a foggy one. and there is visibility still very low. to very poor visibility. that fog keeping cold air spilling into valley locations. and we did see temperatures hovering around upper 40s to low 50s. and there is what is going to
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happen is that fog is moving in over north bay and east bay valleys and tomorrow morning's commute will once again feature foggy conditions and frost. there is temperatures, 29 degrees in napa. there is 30 in santa rosa. down to freezing in vallejo. we're looking at low 30s around morgan hill and colder along the coastline. there is illegal to burn tomorrow. it's a spare the air day. satellite radar showing you we're in between two jet streams. there is dry pattern holding throughout the weekend. if you have plans for the weekend it's going to be dry. upper 50s like today. 57 in sunny value.
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57 palo alto and mountain view. high clouds coming up from the south. mid-50s along the coastline. downtown san francisco, sunset district is 54 degrees. you're looking at near average temperatures. upper 50s in santa rosa. 56 in petaluma and nappa. east bay, and inland areas and 50 degrees in antioch there. is a mild 60 degree day in santa cruz. there is your accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures by afternoon under mainly sunny skies. mid to upper 50s and clouds around over the coming days. and there is the forecast. a slight chance of showers. >> a week system. >> and so that is a minor
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change. >> just ahead fate of the popular bronze bear that stood guard outside governor schwartzeneggar's sacramento office. >> and after years of health complaints we're going to show you huge changes coming to a south bay cement plant and what rules mean for the plant's neighbors.
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you can see
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a remarkable story. a homeless ohio man is getting several job offers because of his amazing radio voice. ted williams holds up a sign saying i have a god given gift of a great voice. wait until you hear it. a newspaper reporter asked him to share the talent. >> and when you're listening to nothing but the best of oldies you're listening to magic 8.9. tomorrow smorng your chance to win a pair of tickets to see this man live in concert. thank you very much. >> as we say, great pipes. the cave leerz basketball team
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offered him a job and other radio stations expressed perfect interest. he does have a voice. he says he's an exradio announcer. and had trouble with drugs and alcohol but is now several years sober. >> fate of the so called bacteria bear at the state capitol is unclear. former governor schwartzeneggar offered to lend the bear he bought to governor brown. but sacramento spca offered a bear a permanent home at its shelter hopes of drawing more visitors. they cape came up with the name bacteria bear because they see many people petting it. >> and thatlllllllllllllllllllll
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